Science + Finance + Collaboration: Unveiling Blue Forest’s new mission and values

We spent the last year as an organization diving deep into what makes us unique at Blue Forest, and what matters to us most. We are pleased to share our new values, and showcase why we are driven by them. 


Written by: Seren Pendleton-Knoll, Director of Strategy & External Affairs

The current state of our forests and watersheds is alarming. 🚨The combination of historical moves away from active land management and climate change has created a crisis for our ecosystems and communities.

Through this crisis, we have advanced our organization, and recently, developed our new mission statement: To accelerate ecological restoration through conservation finance, enabling climate resilience for ecosystems and communities. 

Our work over the last nine years has continued to bring to light the challenges of insufficient and delayed funding for restoration projects. There is a pressing need for landscape-scale restoration in the face of catastrophic wildfire, extreme weather conditions, and whiplash precipitation events. 

This recognition led us to develop our new mission statement, but what sets us apart is not just our mission—it’s the values that drive us. We spent the last year as an organization diving deep into what makes us unique at Blue Forest, and what matters to us most. We are pleased to share our new values, and showcase why we are driven by them. 

🤓📚Committed to Continuous Learning

We’re dedicated to deepening our knowledge as a team.

As a multidisciplinary organization at the intersection of conservation and finance, we find immense joy in the act of ongoing learning. We are dedicated to deepening our knowledge within and beyond our disciplines – emphasizing learning from diverse perspectives and broadening our understanding of the world. Ongoing learning enables continuous improvement, strengthening our organization through sharing experiences of failure and success. 

🤝Driven by Collaboration

We believe ecosystem restoration can only happen through collaboration with partners and communities. 

Our work starts and ends with collaboration. Siloed organizations cannot accomplish ecosystem restoration – collaboration rooted in transparency, trust, and understanding is essential. Recognizing this, we seek to build meaningful partnerships that span local communities and organizations, the scientific community, and state, Tribal, and federal partners to craft effective, impactful, and enduring solutions. 

💡Thoughtful Innovators For Impact

We understand that deliberate and careful innovation creates long-lasting solutions.

We acknowledge that the current pace of restoration must increase to match the scale of restoration needed to achieve resilient ecosystems and communities. Innovation is necessary to increase pace and scale. Innovations we develop at Blue Forest are thoughtfully built in partnership with communities and organizations, thoroughly researched, transparent, open to feedback, economically viable, durable, and continually improved upon. 

🍃📈Grounded in Science 

We believe effective ecosystem restoration is rooted in Western Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

We are committed to a holistic approach integrating insights from various scientific disciplines. We understand that effective ecosystem restoration applies both Western Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Through co-creation of knowledge, we seek to support the health of the land and effectively communicate the environmental, economic, social, and cultural benefits of ecosystem restoration.

🌎💚Passionate About Restoring Earth’s Ecosystems

We’re driven by an unwavering commitment to restoring our ecosystems.

Fundamental to Blue Forest is a belief in the value of the earth’s ecosystems. We are driven by a commitment to restore and protect landscapes to create resilient ecosystems, laying the foundation for sustainable and resilient communities. 

We remain committed to advancing landscape-scale restoration, and look forward to continuing to advance our mission and embed our values throughout our work. Learn more about Blue Forest.