Partnering with Utilities and Companies

Eldorado National Forest

“We are thrilled to partner with Blue Forest to help advance landscape-scale restoration projects in the American River Watershed. Projects that protect water resources and forest health are especially important as we collectively work to mitigate the effects of wildfire, drought, and climate change. We are especially excited about working together to identify restoration projects that would be a good fit for the Forest Resilience Bond. The Upper American River Watershed Programmatic Watershed Plan outlines resource management strategies and actions and our partnership with Blue Forest will help ensure there is funding to accelerate project implementation.”

Rebecca Guo, El Dorado Water Agency

We help utilities identify and invest in restoration projects that create value for each utility, resulting in improved reliability and safety while achieving their climate and sustainability goals.

Yuba Water is a foundational partner to our work in the Tahoe National Forest. They’ve committed over $7.5 million to forest restoration and reducing wildfire risk, including two Forest Resilience Bonds.

The outcomes of the forest restoration work include reduced risk of wildfire and woody debris flows into New Bullards Bar Reservoir, protected biodiversity of threatened and endangered species, protected water supply and hydropower generation reliability, increased water supply, protected communities, job creation, and local economic productivity.

Over 4,000 acres of overgrown forests have already been treated through this partnership and we hope to have another 50,000 acres of forest treated within the next phase of this collaboration.

In the Eldorado National Forest we’ve forged a partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Pepsi (PBNA). This partnership is focused on improving forest resilience to wildfire, protecting communities and water quality, and increasing water supply in the Upper Mokelumne River watershed.

Blue Forest is actively working with utilities and companies across the western U.S. to develop additional FRB projects. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about project opportunities in your area!

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