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Tahoe National Forest


Blue Forest is a non-profit conservation finance organization.

We bring communities, finance, and science together to restore and protect our forests and watersheds.

Why? Because our ecosystems are at a crisis point. We’re suffering from more catastrophic wildfires and climate events than ever before.

The Challenge

Communities, natural resources, and infrastructure across the Western U.S. are at risk, facing the threat of extreme wildfire and other climate events. How did we get here?

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Science is the backbone of everything we do at Blue Forest. We apply scientific research and ecosystem benefit evaluation to quantify the outcomes of restoration projects. With an economic lens, we help value those outcomes in terms that beneficiaries, such as utilities, can value. This demonstrated impact is what brings these partners on board.

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We help our partners develop sustainable funding and financing plans to increase the pace and scale of restoration projects. Through the Forest Resilience Bonds, we attract additional, long-term funding from project beneficiaries, which allows restoration costs to be financed. And our Blue Forest Asset Management arm provides capital and technical assistance to support sustainable businesses and infrastructure projects at the heart of the restoration economy.

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Collaboration is at the heart of our approach at Blue Forest. No single organization can address the extreme climate risks we’re facing, alone. We can only be successful by working together. We work with diverse groups of partners, organizations, communities, and beneficiaries who are passionate about ecosystem restoration to get the job done.

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Tahoe National Forest

Yuba Valley

Tahoe National Forest

Our Impact to Date

  • $ 14.5 M

    $ 14.5 M

    Deployed for Ecosystem Resilience

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  • 18140


    Acres Protected

  • 62410


    Acre-feet Water Supply Protected


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Land Acknowledgment

Blue Forest is a remote organization with roots in what we now call Sacramento County on the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary homelands of the Miwok and Nisenan People and the gathering places of the Patwin Wintun and Maidu People.

These homelands include the Sacramento, American, and Cosumnes Rivers, sacred sites, and cultural landscapes that make up their rich heritage.

We recognize Wilton Rancheria Tribe, the only federally recognized tribe in Sacramento County, and the Native Nations, both federally and non-federally recognized, that call the greater region home.

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What our partners have to say

  • Eli Ilano, Forest Supervisor, Tahoe National Forest

  • Todd Gartner, WRI’s Director of Cities4Forests and Natural Infrastructure

  • “Public-private partnership models, like the FRB, that leverage private investment for public good are integral to the paradigm shift needed to address the risk of catastrophic wildfire across the West. Yuba II demonstrates that the FRB can be scaled to support the Forest Service’s goal to treat 20 million acres of National Forest System land over the next decade to mitigate the risk of wildfire in the West.”

    Meryl Harrell, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment

  • “The recognition of the need for the Catalyst Fund and matching it up with one of the pillars of success in the Rogue Basin, Lomakatsi Restoration Project, is a testament to their agility, insight, and willingness to work with an already existing strong partnership. Blue Forest enabled us to grow a restoration workforce by easing cash-flow constraints subject to reimbursements. Blue Forest’s emphasis on conservation finance, leveraging private investment to meet the financial costs of restoration and maintaining it into the future is far-sighted, unique and of great value.”

    Terry Fairbanks, Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collective (SOFRC)

  • “Our work with Blue Forest demonstrates the huge potential of public-private partnerships to accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration across the West, and exemplifies the Forest Service’s commitment to innovation in tackling the wildfire crisis.”

    Troy Heithecker, National Forest System Associate Deputy Chief, U.S. Forest Service

  • “Our partnership with Blue Forest demonstrates our shared commitment to restore national forests and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. Innovative public-private partnerships, like the Forest Resilience Bond, are part of the paradigm shift needed to confront the wildfire crisis.”

    Chief Randy Moore, U.S. Forest Service

Each of the individuals quoted are familiar with and have had past dealings with Blue Forest or its affiliates. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided with regard to any of the various testimonials/endorsements. Blue Forest is not aware of any material conflicts of interest on behalf of such individuals concerning the statements made and Blue Forest’s (and/or its team) relationship with such individuals or any organization(s) with which they are affiliated. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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