Boonville, CA

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Employee spotlight

  • Natasha Nurse

    Head of Talent & Equity


    “I chose to work at Blue Forest because I was excited to bridge my different skillsets and desire to lead work in the people management and DEI space. At Blue Forest I lead our recruitment hiring processes, talent, policy, organizational and culture management.

    I love recruitment and connecting with new talent that joins the organization. Plus, organizational programming at Blue Forest is personally and professionally exciting.”

  • Ashley Mullikin

    Associate Geospatial Analyst


    “I choose to work for Blue Forest because I wanted to work for an organization that appreciated and highlighted employees with non-normative experiences and background, while also having a mission I can feel passionate about. Most employers look for a specific background in careers and experiences without much potential for deviation, likely because it is easier to see the skills spelled out in the “typical” list of wants. Blue Forest takes the time to find those special employees and I really appreciate that.

    I love having great co-workers with diverse backgrounds, all passionate about forest protection and being socially conscious along the way!”

  • Amber Moore

    Project Development Manager


    “I chose to work at Blue Forest because I was really excited to work in an impactful conservation space that also works to pull in non-traditional partners to help get projects funded and implemented. We need all hands on deck if we are going to address the climate crisis and conserve our natural spaces for everyone. I love working with the different partners and learning about the different issues affecting the National Forests in the regions where I work. I also love that I’m able to bring my expertise and background in aquatic and watershed health and climate resilience to work in a holistic way towards forest health and wildfire resilience.”

  • Gregg Verutes

    Head of Geospatial Science


    “At Blue Forest I blend the fields of geography and conservation to empower others in protecting the planet. I am passionate about environmental education and data visualization to help Blue Forest and partners make better use of existing data and turn information into action in data-limited geographies.

    What I enjoy most about Blue Forest is contributing to conservation finance efforts that increase the pace and scale of forest restoration projects and the ability to oversee them from inception to completion.”

  • Signe Stroming

    Senior Project Associate


    “As part of the project development team, I get to work with partners to develop conservation finance projects that promote forest and watershed health in Washington and Oregon. Day-to-day, that looks like a lot of collaboration! I work with land managers, state and local governments, community groups, utilities, or other non-profits to explore if and how a Forest Resilience Bond can add value to their landscapes, and then work to actually secure funding and design the financing tools if the project moves forward.”

  • Sabrina Chui

    Project Associate


    “My favorite part about my role is being able to work with so many people from different agencies and backgrounds. It has been extremely insightful to be a part of forest collaboratives and partnerships, and see first-hand how folks are using new tools, managing large amounts of data, creating more efficiency, and tackling the immense problem that is landscape-scale ecosystem restoration. I am constantly surrounded by innovative and strategic thinkers both internally at Blue Forest and externally with other partners, and am grateful that I get to learn from so many other amazing people.”

  • Nick Wobbrock



    “What I enjoy most about my role is how interdisciplinary environmental and natural resources conservation work has to be, and how many ideas and great people we all get to work with. Also, in the system-level thinking of our work, when new participants are interested in joining conservation projects, we have helped bridge a gap that had limited what might be possible.”