Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

Boonville, CA

Blue Forest recognizes that the fields of both finance and environmental conservation have histories of exclusion and discrimination and we are committed to promoting social equity and amplifying historically excluded voices through our work.

Boonville, CA

At Blue Forest, we recognize that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization is not only vital but also a key driver of strength, resilience, and success.

We are committed to actively dismantling discrimination and racism within the conservation finance industry.

We acknowledge that DEI work is an ongoing process. As we continue to grow and develop new financial solutions to address pressing environmental problems, we are seeking to amplify and collaborate with those historically excluded in conservation finance.

Specific areas we are deepening our work in DEI include:

  • Recruitment, hiring, and retention
  • Partnerships with Native Nations and organizations. Learn more here.
  • Embedding environmental and climate justice throughout our project development work.
  • Building a culture in alignment with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles