Partner Profile | BurnBot

BurnBot, a leading innovator in wildfire mitigation technology, stands out as a pivotal collaborator in these efforts.

Photo by: Nikki Richter, Nikki Richter Photography

Written by: Anna Yip, Project Development Manager

At Blue Forest, our commitment to forest restoration and wildfire prevention is empowered by our strategic partnerships. BurnBot, a leading innovator in wildfire mitigation technology, stands out as a pivotal collaborator in these efforts.

Conceptualized in the wake of the devastating 2020 California and Oregon wildfires, BurnBot is driven by a mission to prevent destructive wildfires through scaled fuel treatment. BurnBot’s journey began with a focus on the direct application of fire but soon expanded as they encountered the complexities of preparing landscapes for treatment. They learned that not all terrains are immediately ready for beneficial fire; many require preliminary treatment of dead and downed materials to safely introduce fire as a maintenance tool. This realization spurred the evolution of BurnBot from focusing solely on fire to more broadly providing comprehensive fuels treatment solutions.

Now a full-stack vegetation treatment company that offers assistance on projects from permitting to a full suite of treatment methods (strategic thinning, mastication, and prescribed fire) to monitoring and verification, Burnbot has quickly made a name for itself in the industry. Made up of an interdisciplinary team of wildland firefighters, scientists, engineers, and forestry experts, BurnBot has developed a suite of technologies and operational practices aimed at drastically scaling up wildfire mitigation and vegetation management services across all types of landscapes. BurnBot’s innovative technology advances, led by Waleed “Lee” Haddad, Co-Founder and CTO, have unlocked the potential of treating highly sensitive areas with prescribed burn that previously would have been inaccessible, while their extensive ground crews can deploy a suite of treatments to get all types of landscapes back to a wildfire resilient status.

During an interview with BurnBot’s Co-Founder and CEO Anukool Lakhina and Head of Field Operations Simon Weibel, several key insights were shared about their operations and partnerships. Lakhina highlighted the multifaceted nature of their services, which are always anchored around tailoring to the specific needs of the landscape. Weibel added that their holistic approach supports both traditional and innovative methods, enabling more effective management of vegetation and fuels.

The recent announcement of BurnBot securing $20 million in Series A funding, with contributions from Blue Forest Asset Management among other investors, marks a significant milestone for the company. This investment will expand BurnBot’s innovative mechanized vegetation management and fuel treatment solutions. With these funds, BurnBot plans to scale up its operations and manufacturing, driving forward its mission to treat landscapes more effectively and safely, reducing the risk of destructive wildfires.

As BurnBot continues to evolve and expand its technological offerings, such as the upcoming deployment of the RX2 machine, its partnership with Blue Forest remains a beacon of innovation and cooperation in the face of escalating wildfire threats.

For more details on BurnBot and their transformative work in wildfire prevention, visit BurnBot’s website.