Blue Forest Interns Make Waves with Summer Contributions

From finance and science to design and social media, the 2023 summer interns were immersed in diverse projects that foster sustainable landscapes and communities.

Written by: Mariam Jallow, Social Media & Storytelling Intern

As the warm summer months come to a close, the interns at Blue Forest are reflecting on our impactful contributions during our time with the organization. From finance and science to design and social media, the 2023 summer interns were immersed in diverse projects that foster sustainable landscapes and communities.

Hannah Young, our Science Research and Design Intern, played a role in transforming data into insights with her project pipeline dashboard. “The past few months I’ve been working on creating a project pipeline dashboard for Blue Forest, which essentially is a one-stop-shop for the development team to look at where our projects are and how they’re trending,” she shared. Hannah’s work has facilitated informed decision-making by offering a bird’s-eye view of projects and their relationships to critical factors such as wildfire risk and at-risk communities.

In the process, Hannah states that she’s learned the immense value of cross-disciplinary feedback. Working on the geospatial team while catering to the project development team allowed her to gather perspectives from various angles, highlighting what’s effective and what’s not. Her experience underscores the essence of collaboration and aids Blue Forest’s commitment to harnessing collective intelligence.

Aditi Sharma, our Design and Content Intern, brought visual communication to the forefront of Blue Forest’s initiatives. Her redesign of our research brief layout and creation of multiple infographics that communicate the work of Blue Forest stood out as a testament to her ability to transform complex information into engaging visuals. Aditi mentioned, “Redesigning the layout allowed me to utilize my skills in visual communication design to present complex information in a more clear and engaging way.”

Aditi’s journey wasn’t just about design; it was also about personal growth. She spoke passionately about her enrichment through collaboration. “I’ve learned to work seamlessly with diverse teams on different projects,” she said. Her adeptness at collaborating across teams and projects has honed her interpersonal communication skills and created a bridge between design and Blue Forest’s core objectives.

Emma Broderick, our Finance and Investment Intern, showcased the symbiotic relationship between finance and environmental impact. “For the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects with Blue Forest’s finance and investment team,” Emma reflected. “My involvement extended to tasks such as investment opportunity assessment, investment impact reporting structuring, and crafting internal budgeting tools.”

Her time at Blue Forest has kindled a deeper understanding of the role of financial investments in advancing restoration and resilience. Emma expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, highlighting the profound impact that well-structured financial investments can have on the ground for communities and organizations dedicated to landscape-level progress.

Lastly, as Blue Forest’s Social Media and Storytelling Intern, I had the opportunity to amplify Blue Forest’s voice across digital platforms. My work encompassed creating graphics, crafting writing pieces, and coordinating digital strategy. My unique role between various Blue Forest departments allowed me to develop a nuanced understanding of the organization’s multifaceted operations.

From finance to science to HR, I was able to navigate diverse disciplines. Working on social media and storytelling has given me a comprehensive view of Blue Forest. Learning to incorporate feedback from different teams has been a remarkable learning experience, emphasizing the significance of collaboration in conveying impactful messages.

Hannah’s, Aditi’s, Emma’s, and my own reflections about our summer internships seem to echo each other, as we each expressed growth during our time at Blue Forest. We leave behind a trail of multidisciplinary teamwork, creativity, and dedication to drive positive change in landscapes and communities.